Contact Collection System is a CRIF solution that provides comprehensive and effective debt collection management.

Contact enables financial institutions to improve the efficiency of debt management through the structured strategy management, the control and monitoring of strategy implementation and the ability to automate routine processes and rules.

By combining business process automation, broad integration capabilities, the practical management of work strategies, a user-friendly interface, a reporting system, and the necessary security tools. Contact allows you to automate and control all stages of collection management, from portfolio analysis, segmentation, and strategy development to the execution of planned actions and the tracking of results.


The following features of the Contact Collection System can significantly increase the efficiency of the collection process

  • Organization of the collection process, based on a complete customer profile, and considering all customer accounts;
  • Configuration and use of adaptable collection strategies and segmentation techniques;
  • Distribution of cases with the option to assign accounts to operators according to a combination of factors (operator skill level, current load distribution, customer profile, location data, historical data);
  • Dynamic construction of scripts;
  • Control of operator and customer KPIs;
  • Automatic execution of actions by schedule or by event;
  • Complex tracking and monitoring of actions;
  • Security logging.


  • Collection cost reduction;
  • Ability to build a unified data exchange system with all partners, guaranteeing a high level of information security and transparency;
  • Reduction of human resources through the automation of repetitive processes;
  • Mobility in managing business processes in general;
  • User system rights administration;
  • Organization of the work of call center operators (Soft collection);
  • Organization of field collectors using a mobile application (Hard collection);
  • Systematic legal prosecution algorithm (Legal);
  • Application of strategies for delinquent asset management;
  • Bulk mail generation (letters, SMS, e-mail, social networks);
  • External and internal reporting system;
  • Data export/import and customer settlements.


  • Centralized decision management;
  • Automated work strategies, in-line processing;
  • Customizable, user-friendly interface;
  • Two-day training course;
  • Automated rules and instructions as part of the system;
  • Automated export/import of data;
  • Fast implementation;
  • Two-week release policy;
  • Competitive cost of ownership.