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  • MAY 2023


    CRIF recognized for its open banking value-added services by independent research firm. 

    • CRIF named as one of the top open banking players in latest analysis from leading global analyst firm
    • The fintech’s 2020 acquisition of Strands, which boosted CRIF’s aggregation capability, and its overarching value-add strategy have contributed to the inclusion in the report by independent research firm
    • Inclusion attributed to the fintech’s overarching focus of adding value for customers, with its support for local APIs; in particular, Strands ‘solid’ PFM and BFM tools and ‘comprehensive’ deployment options are referenced.

  • OCTOBER 2022

    CRIF's point of view in three internationally distributed specialist magazines - 3rd Issue in FinTech Magazine

    Digital disruption in financial services is already a reality for retail customers, but it hasn’t happened yet for SMEs and entrepreneurs, who were still seeing their needs and demands pretty much uncovered. SMEs across the globe are looking beyond-banking ecosystems, integrating third-party services, that cover their needs in a single, easy-to-use service, allowing them to focus on their core activities. Find out how STEP, a global marketplace of financial products for SMEs, used CRIF Group’s solutions, including Strands’ BFM and Engager, enriched by CRIF account aggregation, in order to deliver excellence in every product/service to SME and corporate customers. You can read here all about the article “From Open Banking to Open Finance for SMEs”, published in FinTech Magazine.

  • SEPTEMBER 2022

    CRIF's point of view in three internationally distributed specialist magazines - 2nd Issue in The Banker

    The market share of Buy Now PayLater in worldwide e-commerce payments doubled from 2019 to 2021, and now stands at a total share of 3% globally. In 2016 it was only 0.4%. Financial institutions, e-commerce merchants, customers, and regulators will inevitably have to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and, of course, challenges of this disruptive trend. Certainly, BNPL is attractive to customers because it allows them to buy a product immediately without paying the full amount at the time of purchase, but a few challenges need to be faced when dealing with this kind of payment. Find out how an information solutions provider like CRIF can be an important partner for BNPL players to ensure the smooth and effective running of BNPL processes.

  • SEPTEMBER 2022

    CRIF's point of view in three internationally distributed specialist magazines - 1st Issue in Global Trade Review

    Only 56% of companies recognize their business network as an extension of their organization, and this prevents them from knowing exactly what their sustainability impact is in the different segments of their Supply Chain. Furthermore, most companies are now managing their sustainability to some extent, but they often only deal with 10% of their impact; 90% of their carbon footprint comes from the supply chain. Find out how to assess ESG sustainability within the supply chain in the article “Sustainable supply chains: increased visibility of suppliers” published in Global Trade Review (GTR).